🦴Bag O' Bones

Bag O' Bones is a buyback single-stake pool is where you can stake your Skull and receive dSkull tokens. It only requires 1 token, Skull, hence the name "single-stake".

With the dSkull you receive, you can stake to earn other tokens in the Tower of skulls . The dSkull tokens that you've staked will continue to participate in the Buyback Pool and earn more Skulls!

When you stake your Skulls into dSkull (in the Buyback Skull Pool) and then into a pool listed, on Tower of Skulls you are earning a sum of the APRs!

When you deposit Skull in the buyback Skull pool, you get dSkull in return as proof of your deposit. dSkull is itself a regular token, just like Skull. The amount of dSkull you get back is based on the amount of Skull already in the pool and the current total supply of dSkull. This ratio will be displayed on the pool and starts at 1 dSkull = 1 Skull, it will continuously go up over time because of buybacks.

The UI on the website updates the dSkull ratio once a day at random times (auto-compound).


What do I receive when I stake Skull in the dSkull pool? You will receive dSkull token which represents your share of the pool. The number of your dSKull tokens won't go up, however the value of each each dSkull will go up infinitely because of the trading fees buying back Skull , which is then sent to the pool.

You can now also stake dSkull to earn tokens from other protocols on the Tower of Skulls page.

Where do these fees come from? Before buybacks were turned on, the trade fee was 0.2% and all of it went to LP providers. Now that buyback is enabled, the trade fee changed such that 0.17% goes to LP providers and 0.03% goes to a contract which swaps the collected fees into Skull and sends the Skull to the dSkull pool.

The dSkull:Skull ratio hasn't changed since I checked, what's going on? The UI on the website updates the dSkull ratio once a day at random times to discourage coordinated sales. Keep in mind that the dSkull:Skull ratio is global, meaning the graph or number does not reflect personal purchases. What can I do with dSkull? Does it work with other protocols? You can trade, vote with, make LP, stake and use dSkull just as you would use Skull. dSkull works on other protocols are well. There won't be an official trading pool, but anyone is welcome to make one. However, your dSkull is required to unstake your Skull so its best to hold on to it unless you know what you are doing!

You can now stake your dSkull to earn more tokens.

When your dSkull tokens are staked at the pools, they still continue to earn APR from the Buyback Skull pool. What does the APR for the dSkull pool depend on? Because the value of dSkull accrues over trade fees, the APR of the pool will largely depend on the trading volume for that day. To give an approximate APR, we are displaying the average over the last 7 days.

What if I lose my dSkull? dSkull is required to redeem your Skull (since it represents your Skull staked position) so be careful with it!

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