Staking Skull Order NFT & Getting Real Reards

Step 1.

Enter the Stake page

If you don’t have any Skull Order NFT yet, mint yours here (About the detail how to mint NFT please check it out here)

Step 2.

Click the “Approve” button on a NFT to approve NFT smart contract, and confirm your transaction in your wallet.You just need to Approve one time for all of your current and future Skull NFTs

Step 3.

Click the “Stake” button on each NFT you would like to single stake OR click “Stake all” NFT on the top right to stake all of your NFT. Confirm the transaction in your wallet to finish.

Step 4.

$WFTM reward will be distributed to each holder each epoch according to the total NFT staked power.Notice:

  • Each epoch lasts for 7 days.

  • You could stake anytime to get the reward. Your rewards will be distributed at the beginning of the next epoch.

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